Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Completed project from Painting II. After the initial washes, all the paint was applied using a palette knife. This challenging requirement forced me to reevaluate my painting style: little details just don't work the same way. I had to abandon timidity and go for bold markings, but at the same time remain balanced and aware of how the colors worked together on the canvas.

A high-quality image of the finished product will be coming later this week, but I wanted to show the development from plain burnt sienna background, to local color wash, to knife application all the way through the pretty-much-finished painting. Thank goodness for cameras on cell phones! I only wish I had taken a few more pictures during the latter half of the working time. Ah well.


  1. 1. painting is amazing! it's really cool seeing how it changed from picture to picture.

    2. nice new layout.

    3. hope your week went well.

  2. Thanks Kenj! I enjoyed working on this a lot. Even the frustration that came with it was almost fun. :) My week's been good, but I have a bunch of projects coming up next week that I haven't gotten to work on, and they're hanging over my head. Blah. Hope you're doing well too...

  3. that's so cool, you have such talent em! it's so much fun to watch =)

  4. most impressive!!!!!!! I am always so amazed at your talent... ....seriously... amazing. -julie

  5. So much depends
    on this comment...

    I love this painting, it makes me want to dance in piles of crunchy leaves while the gentle fall breeze plays with my hair. Ah fall...lets drink Apple Cider and make some pumpkin pie.

    Love, Cait

  6. So cool! Thanks for putting up more paintings! It makes me want to paint...

  7. So cool! Painting with knives. Emily you are a ninja. =)

  8. I appreciate all the great encouragement, guys. Thanks!
    And, yes! I always wanted to be a Ninja!! That sounds a lot better than psychotic kindergardener - something else I've been described as because of this painting. ;)