Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summer time has come and gone

Well, I intended to post some pictures of summer as it wound down, but (rather unsurprisingly) I didn't get around to it quickly enough. So, here I am back at school. Classes started yesterday, and I already feel surrounded by the joy that permeates Grace campus. It's so good to be back!
Nevertheless, summer abounded with the blessings of refreshment, relaxation, and free time to follow inspiration at leisure. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to reconnect with everyone in Hawaii, and I appreciate my island of aloha more than I ever have before.

Just a taste...

One more piece of artwork from this summer...

self-portrait time!

fourth of july food

products of a photographer given kitchen duty...

hiking and experiencing God's wonders


shrimp farms on the north shore

sometimes graffiti can be a good thing

why I like trees

love them.