Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Story of a Rainy Day

...We’ve had a lot of ‘em lately.

What is it about rain? Those calm, drizzly days that are either frightfully dreary or blessedly peaceful (depending on your perspective). Mist lurks on the edges of hills and distant clusters of trees. Droplets cling to the trembling petals of spring flowers. Leaves, leftovers from last fall, rest in puddles.

I watch my hallmates jump and splash, hearing the joy in their shrieks of laughter. We happen upon the surprise of an erupting fire hydrant… they require no persuasion to run through, screaming.

Eventually, their excitement carries them much farther than I with my bulky accessories can traverse, but no matter. I walk around the neighborhood of the Island alone, listening to waves lapping, wind wuthering (well, perhaps not quite), and the occasional car rumbling past. The drivers probably wonder at the odd girl with the huge camera meandering past their houses.

After a brief reunion with my hall girls, I find myself past Rodeheaver, as sprinkles of rain again begin to escape from the laden clouds. Now I’m glad I brought the umbrella. Miniscule droplets patter down.

Stray locks curl damply around my face.

The color green is so lush and vibrant under the clouds.

A sense of calm pervades the air. Or is it my mind that has been calmed?

(see post below for photos)

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