Saturday, April 25, 2009

Art... misfits, sketches, and randoms.

Haven't posted much artwork for a while... I have several nice drawings from class but they're currently up on the display board, so that's that. In the mean time, here are some sketches or assignments that don't really fit anywhere, most of 'em are just for fun.

Got impressionistically inspired after looking at Mondrian's early works. Cezanne too.

Caitlin got tulips for her birthday. They drooped.

Sketch from a book on 40's fashion. 
Looks like Queen Amidala, in my opinion.

The floating islands of Perelandra 
(from C.S. Lewis's amazzzzzingness)

More Lewis. This time, from The Magician's Nephew. 
This was an assignment for 2D Design. Turned out all right. 
Photo is crummy, though.

1 comment:

  1. i like the drooping tulips!
    and i also enjoy seeing the worlds of C.S. Lewis through your eyes! :)