Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cambodia: Impressions I

Angkor: Tree
Pencil, charcoal,
and colored pencil on acrylic paper
10x16 in, 2010

First piece of artwork inspired by my trip to Cambodia. I borrowed the tree design from a relief on the wall of a temple at Angkor, combined it with other motifs I saw there, and added my own flair.


  1. I love it! It's very three dimensional, like a relief would be. Great job, Emily.

  2. I love how your life impacts your art, and how your art impacts your life! :)

  3. Mmk. So I pretty much love this, especially the tree of life motif. And the Khmer patterns which I saw you sketching all the time when we were over there.

    Great work! Can't wait to see the more of it.

  4. I just realized how crooked the bottom is. Darn it.