Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Plein air sketches.

Some of the sketches I've produced so far while on break... more to come.

Red conte, 18x24 paper
charcoal, 9x12
"Maggie 2" red conte, 18x24


  1. oh good! i was hoping that you'd post some of your art from break!! my favorite is the last one! looks like it has a good story! :)
    love love love you!!

  2. hey! it's the truck!! =)

  3. I'm loving the palm trees...reminds me of our family vacations to Florida :)

  4. Now the truck will live on forever. When you come home for summer you have to learn to drive it so you will have a whole new appreciation of your drawing.

  5. I think you forgot to mention that I probably helped you make the second drawing so nice. anyway, sweet drawings!! you're awesome!

  6. oh yes Kenji I give full credit to you and Jon, your observation definitely improved my technique. =)